Bracelet and Mala Restring/Repair

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Every item is handmade by me (Kristin) I do my best to ensure that the quality of the stones and construction is at the highest quality, but I do ask the buyer to understand that the stones I work with are natural stones. The stones will vary in exact shape, size, and color. Some stones may have inclusions and vary in strength or hardness. Natural stones can crack, chip, or break under unfortunate circumstances. If you wear your item every day as I do, the stones will change over time as they developed micro scratches. This may change the luster of the stones, if there was a protective coating on the stone it may peel and wear off as well. Most stones I create with do not have any clear coating, but I have had a few that do.


If your jewelry has any issues within 30 days of purchase I will repair the item for free and ask that you pay for the item to be shipped to me and once I repair it, I will pay for it to be shipped back to you. If your jewelry needs repair after 30 days I will repair your item at any time for a small fee, you can see the prices on the drop-down menu, plus any missing stones. All shipping costs will be your responsibility. Pick-up/drop-off is available from my Brewerton home, or if we can meet up at one of my vendor events.

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