Essentially Herbal Coffee "Original Blend"

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What is Herbal coffee? A rich blend of herbs, that are earthy and grounding! It is naturally caffeine free and is a wonderful substitute for coffee. *There have been many health benefits associated with all the herbs within this recipe.*

This is the "original blend" of 'Essentially Herbal' Coffee. Blends are created in small batches to maintain freshness and stored and sold in sealed canning jars or disposable brown lined tea bags. If you are local to Brewerton, NY you can return your canning jar and receive a discount on your next jar! Although there are no issues shipping this product, the brown bag offers a cheaper shipping option, and can be used as a refill to your glass jar.

If you love the idea of herbal coffee but need me to omit any ingredients, please contact me here to arrange a "custom blend".

To brew... My preferred method...I use a rounded tsp and place it in a disposable tea bag, I prefer the ones with a drawstring, (add disposable tea bags to your order here) add the tea bag to 8-12 oz of boiling water, and steep for 10-15 minutes. Use more or less blend to taste. The longer you steep the stronger the flavor. 

Another method is to use a french press, which I sell here on the siteThis is great if you are making 2 servings! Put the desired amount at the bottom of the French press. Measure and pour boiling water over herbal blend and place the plunger/lid over the water to help keep the heat in. After the desired steep time, push down the plunger all the way and pour off the herbal coffee into your serving cups. 

Original Blend Herbal Coffee...Chicory Root, Carob, Chaga Mushroom, Dandelion Root, Cinnamon, and Milk Thistle 


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