Autumn Jasper Mala Inspired Bracelet on Cotton Thread 158

Autumn Jasper Mala Inspired Bracelet on Cotton Thread 158

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This bracelet features 18 Autumn Jasper 8mm beads with a spiral focal bead on Cotton thread. The thread is hand-knotted between each bead, and the bracelet is pre-stretched to reach its full length between 7 and 7.5 inches when completely closed. This bracelet is adjustable using a square knot to bring both ends together. simply pull the bracelet open, put over your wrist, and pull each dangling bead away from each other to tighten the bracelet down on your wrist.

PLEASE NOTE...Every item is handmade by me (Kristin) I do my best to ensure that the quality of the stones and construction is at the highest quality, but I do ask the buyer to understand that the stones I work with are natural stones. The stones will vary in the exact shape, size, and color. Some stones may have inclusions and vary in strength or hardness. Natural stones can crack, chip or break under unfortunate circumstances.

REPAIRS...If your jewelry has any issues within 30 days of purchase I will repair the item for free and ask that you pay for the item to be shipped to me and once I repair I will pay for it to be shipped back to you. If your jewelry needs repair after 30 days I will repair your item at any time for $5 plus any missing stones, and you will pay for all shipping costs.

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