"I am balanced within myself, and welcome what is meant for me" ~African Turquoise Mala

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This mala has 108 African Turquoise beads and Guru bead.  Hand-knotted between each beautiful gemstone bead. Feel free to personalize your own mantra, a charm can be added to the tassel for an additional charge, please contact me for more details on that...I will have a button on the site with a choice of charms soon.

When creating a Mala, apomesa  keeps the construction of the Mala as authentic as possible. There are many small details with the knotting, and mantras are recited as it made...there is a closing prayer as the Mala is completed and it is blessed with light and love before it is shipped off to its forever home. You will receive your Mala with a leaf of dried white sage to cleanse in your own space.


Payment plans are available for Malas, please email apomesa.llc@gmail.com or text 315-752-5017 for more information


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