Our Story

Welcome to apomésa!

apomésa is a Greek term meaning “from within” pronounced ah-pO-may-szah
apomésa encourages YOU to go within, offering tools and services to help balance and heal your energy, giving you the opportunity to learn techniques to heal yourself, and allowing you to feel more at peace. Owner Kristin Gamble is certified in Advanced Energy Healing and creates all of the gemstone jewelry, candles, and herbal items sold at apomésa.
A little about Kristin, and how apomésa was created

I left my full-time job as a restaurant manager at Dunkin Donuts after 14 years in March of 2016 when my youngest daughter was born. I loved customer service, but the job was wearing me out. I remember thinking about how much I was looking forward to being on maternity leave and just having space. Space to just be, be with my thoughts, not get pulled in so many directions, to rest, and not feel the emotional highs and lows of every person I came in contact with.  During this time away, I really got to focus on me (and my family...) I had time to reflect on what it was that was wearing me out. I had time to get to used to the feel of my energy, and my energy alone. I had time to see how other individuals would affect me both in the moment and for hours and sometimes days afterward. This realization was some of my reason to become self-employed.


In early 2017, I created Essentially My Style, named after my first "hobby biz" Essentially Herbal. Jumping on the legging trend, I fell in love with offering a trendy little clothing boutique that specialized in fun printed leggings and solid tunics. A little over a year and a half in I was struggling to find time to work around my youngest daughter who was now a busy toddler, and something about the boutique business just didn't feel right. It was lacking something...I loved my customers, I loved doing vendor events, I REALLY loved being able to work from home, but it just didn't fit anymore.  In my free time, I was learning more about herbs, crystals, yoga, energy work, meditaion, spirituality, and I had started making Malas, suddenly I was meeting people with these same passions. I had the opportunity to be part of an amazing annual Goddess Retreat local to me, I met so many wonderful people there, but what took me to the next phase of my business was meeting the woman who would teach me Energy Healing. This training really got me going. It took everything I had already learned amplified it, and gave me the confidence to believe in myself. I started advertising my Malas, taking custom orders, and practicing the Energy Healings. Soon I was getting requests for Mala bracelets and the Mala Inspired Bracelet was born. I couldn't be more happy about the creation of apomésa, as I continue to evolve spiritually, apomésa will evolve with me. Offering services to help others heal 'from within'. Helping others understand and believe in their own power 'from within'. Helping others find balance 'from within'. Helping others find their inspiration 'from within'


Welcome to apomésa 

Love, Light, and Blessings



Please feel free to contact me below if you have any questions or you can text (315) 752-5017