Inner monologues and manifesting your desires, healing exercise included

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Do you have that inner monologue? Sometimes when I am driving, in the shower, or mindlessly doing chores, the inner monologue gets really interesting, sometimes empowering, inspirational, informative and creative… It took me quite some time to realize that sometimes this inner monologue is my guidance system. I say sometimes because sometimes it can also show up as my overthinker, my ego, my fear-based thoughts, and my anxiety. But sometimes, when I’m in a place of no resistance, at peace, allowing the inner monologue to take place… There’s a sense of calmness surrounding the conversation…. And that is when I manifest best.

A couple of weekends ago, while driving to a vendor event I was beginning the inner monologue, thinking about how I no longer work my business part-time. I am a business owner, I am self-employed, and I own this wonderful business called apomésa. This wonderful healing business, helping others heal, learn and evolve accessing their own power within themselves. 

I felt this enormous amount of strength and support around me while I thought these powerful thoughts. I knew I was in a very powerful energetic field. I’ve been here before, it’s what Abraham Hicks refers to as being in the vortex. I have experienced how powerful being in the vortex can be when you’re manifesting and co-creating the life you desire. When you're relishing in your confidence, your achievements… You feel source energy running through your entire being, and what you can manifest in this energy, and how quickly it will happen is absolutely amazing!

It took me time to get here, to understand this energy and how powerful it is. It is powerful because this energy can go in both directions. This energy can go in a direction of self-empowerment and success, or it can go in quite the opposite. Because of this, It’s important to understand how powerful you are as a divine creator. How are you directing your energy? 

Everything begins with your thoughts. The conversation, the inner monologue… For some, this can be a negative experience, and flipping the script can take some practice, especially if you’ve conditioned yourself to believe that it’s not OK to relish in your own success and take pride in who you are and what you’ve achieved. Maybe it feels egotistical? Maybe you feel like you don’t deserve this celebration of self? This is where I challenge you to work with some affirmations, and I’ll provide a handful of these with a small exercise at the bottom of this post. If you say these affirmations, and you feel discomfort, this is confirmation that there’s healing that needs to take place. If you feel that this exercise is silly, this is also confirmation that healing needs to take place. You have the power to heal these negative thought patterns. It does not happen overnight, but you can heal! I can help you, and guide you through the process, but ultimately you hold the power to heal your energy field.

Helping to heal exercise

Find a quiet space to relax, that will allow you to feel at peace. Maybe you’re in your favorite chair, spot on the couch, or dining room table. Maybe with a cup of tea or a cup of coffee? Maybe light a candle and gather a few gemstones or items that bring you comfort and peace. If you already have a journal, grab that. If not, just a piece of paper will do. Once you have settled in, close your eyes, and slowly take 3 cleansing breaths. Inhale each time deeply filling your belly and then release gently. Take some time with each of the following affirmations, breathing consciously between each. Notice how each feels within the body. Notice for tightness in any area of the body, muscle spasms or a twitch, discomfort, or nausea. Take note of this. Where this discomfort taking place in the body and ask yourself why it is happening. The answers may not come immediately, but this practice will stimulate healing or negative conditioning that you may be holding onto. 

  1. It is safe for me to heal
  2. It is safe for me to let go
  3. It is safe for me to forgive
  4. I am safe in this body
  5. I am worthy
  6. I am worthy of love
  7. I am worthy of abundance
  8. I am worthy of success
  9. I love and accept myself unconditionally
  10. I am divinely guided and protected at all times
  11. I release all fear based thoughts and energies that are no longer serving me

You do not need to work with all of them at the same time, and you may not need all of them but hopefully if you are experiencing blocks in your ability to manifest the life you desire, this may just be the start you need. During this exercise you might even create affirmations that are personal to your own individual healing. I highly recommend journaling all of it! It is a wonderful way to reflect on your healing journey, and solidify any affirmations you connect with. When you feel satisfied with your time spent on this exercise, take a moment to celebrate your self for making this effort to heal. Every effort is a step, and healing doesn’t happen over night. I highly recommend making this exercise a daily practice. In time you will notice you ar manifesting the life you came here to create.

I am available if you would like to work one on one with me and I will guide and support you on your healing journey. I offer a variety of sessions that can be done in person, over the phone or video chat. 

Thank you so much for reading!

Sending you lots of love and healing… Kristin Eliza

  • Bob on

    Strange that it came up 3 times! When I posted it once.. :)

  • Bob on

    I ’m very happy for you Kristen, the inspiration you are to others, your journey in your business and life itself ! Congratulations, Peace and Love to you! Bob

  • Bob on

    I ’m very happy for you Kristen, the inspiration you are to others, your journey in your business and life itself ! Congratulations, Peace and Love to you! Bob

  • Rhea on

    I’m so happy and proud for you

  • Keitrilea on

    This was a great refresher for me! I am a fanatic of positive affirmations and have completely re-wired my thoughts with them. I spend everyday in the “vortex” and this has brought me so much peace. I truly do feel at ease and that my wellness has improved. Thanks for sharing this post <3

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